Penboyr School
Ysgol Penboyr



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 The School's Mission Statement:

   'As one family we learn together'   

    Penboyr Logo

The Aims and Objectives of the School:-

At Penboyr School we aim to provide a learning environment in which a child is encouraged to develop his or her personality according to Christian principles.

In preparing pupils for the adult world our aims are to:
  • provide a meaningful education in a stimulating atmosphere in line with the National Curriculum, 

  • give each child the opportunity to fully develop their intellectual, physical, personal, emotional and social skills, 

  • encourage each child to respect his fellow pupils, property and the environment, 

  • develop a sense of moral values and an awareness of the spiritual dimensions of life in a Christian environment, 

  • enable each child to grow to participate fully in a society where both Welsh and English are used as a means of communication.